Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Sumatran Kopi Luwak

On our Sumatran civet farm, located in the Lampung province, civets dine on a fine strain of Arabica Typica, producing a bright and light-bodied brew, absolutely free of any bitterness, with a truly incredible and persistent aftertaste. We have never experienced a coffee with such a delightful aftertaste, drifting back into your awareness like a pleasant daydream and taking you once again to coffee nirvana.

Farmed civets are kept in cages at night but allowed to roam protected courtyards during the day, where they can "forage" for the coffee beans hidden for them to find by the farmers. The farmer selects beans for the civet to eat. The civets become quite tame and can be handled and accept treats from their caretaker's hand, and their population is preserved by the farm's breeding programs.

How is this coffee different from Coffee Alamid?

  • Farm-raised civets
  • Pure Arabica Typica
  • Lighter roast
  • Lighter flavor
kopi luwaks on a farm treated like pets and given coconut milk
Civet lapping coconut milk from a
saucer during his daily playtime

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