Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Home coffee morning

Location of the countries that are geographically Indonesia right on the equator makes the area rich in natural resources including rich flora and fauna that has been and continues to develop into part of the national culture of Indonesia.

Diversity contained in the Earth Indonesia Indonesia has made ​​the country more value to other countries. Rooted cultural diversity and develop to create and contribute greatly to the uniqueness of Indonesia.

Ting that we as a nation of Indonesia to always maintain and sustain the greatest gift is for sustainability to continue to be enjoyed by all Indonesian people in general and the world community at large.

One of the natural wealth of Indonesia which has a high economic value and cultures that together we need to keep and preserve is a Luwak coffee. Where at the time of its existence has been very rare because of narrowing of coffee plantations and declining animal populations Civet since eroded by the growth of human populations.

In this site we invite you to jointly explore the uniqueness and charm offered by the civet coffee, of course, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee mongoose ........

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